Gun City Store Relocation

Date: July 8, 2013
Dear Valued Customer,


We write this letter in reply to the numerous queries and a few complaints that we have received either telephonically or via We hope that this letter will answer all your questions.

At the outset we would just like to apologise to all our customers for any inconvenience and grievances that may have occurred.

On the 31st of January 2013 Gun City embarked on a move to relocate our premises. In the interim we were instructed by the SAPS to move all our firearms to another licensed firearm dealer for safe keeping until the new premises was approved by the SAPS. Please click here for letter from the SAPS.

We were hoping to have the new premises ready by the end of February 2013 for final inspection and the issuing of our new trading license. Unfortunately, due to various unforeseen circumstances beyond our control this could not happen.

As we started preparing the premises to house the new firearm store we realised that the floor was too weak to carry the 27 ton safe. We had to dig up the whole floor and reinforce it before we could start building the rest of the safe and installing the alarm system and burglar bars.

The new facility was completed in May 2013, however, the SAPS only started with their audit and inspection on the 23rd of April 2013 and the audit is still in progress. In the interim our license to trade is still on hold. We have tried our utmost best to expedite the process but at this point we are still prohibited by law from trading out of our premises.

As you would realise, these unfortunate events have had a great impact on our cash flow and ability to trade.

Despite this, we have made great strides in developing a plan to address all the issues. Please take note that it is business as usual for us and we will anticipate opening our new shop shortly.

Please take note that every single one of the firearms we had in our possession are currently in safe keeping with an accredited dealer, as per instructions from the police. This includes our stock, firearms that have been sold where the purchaser is waiting for the issuing of a license and firearms that we held in safe keeping for customers.

Should you wish to collect a firearm that is either in safe keeping or where your license has been issued, please contact us via e-mail on We will send a collection letter to you which will enable you to collect your firearms but we will need a copy of the approved license as well an invoice.

Should there be any further queries of whatsoever nature please feel free to contact us or our attorney Tim Stokes, Stokes Attorneys at

Johan Jansen
Gun City Boksburg
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